We recently had a very successful e-waste event!

A new element this year was being contacted by a team of high school students from Inverness HS in Fremont. They wanted to volunteer as part of their Change Project for

The Change Project is the first of Irvington High School’s benchmark projects, designed to ensure that students have the skills necessary to continue their educational

Freshmen work in teams to make a positive change to an environmental issue that they identify in our community. The group that joined us is focused on e-waste. In addition to being extremely helpful in unloading e-waste and shredding, they created and shared fliers to educate customers about e-waste, protecting their data, and how to clear data before donating items.

The parents of one student also volunteered that day. The mom, June Yee-Bowen, is a former Rotary Scholar. All of our newcomers were a delight and very helpful! We look forward to seeing them again!

In these Protecting the Environment projects we partner with and GIVE THANKS to: Hiller Aviation Museum, the San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce (through our club member Pauline Cheung); and our club member Jessica Govea, owner of Golden State Hauling & Demo. Jessica donates the use of one of her hauling trucks and also her and her staff’s time.

They load, transport, and unload all the collected e-waste to be processed responsibly.

She also brings a supportive friend, Victoria, who has visited our meetings a few times as well. By popular demand, this year we added a document shred service. Thanks again to
our primary sponsor Jessica Govea who helped offset the cost of the shred truck.

We also received outside sponsorship from Jeff Windsor, a local attorney who represents corporations, small businesses, governmental entities, and individuals in real estate, construction defects, contracts, fraud, bad faith, and professional liability actions.

In addition, our customers/guests were very appreciative of on-the-spot donations to show support for this project.


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